Worth the Gamble

German for "Gambler," Zocker began as our riskiest venture yet. Our rare but extremely food-friendly Grüner Veltliner and our unique approach to Riesling are the essence of unconventional. The risk paid off: Zocker, all estate-grown at our Paragon Vineyard, has been highly praised and recognized in worldwide wine competitions.

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Zocker has proven to be worth the gamble, these wines have been highly praised and recognized in competitions all around the world!

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Edna Valley

Just 5.4 miles to the Pacific Ocean

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Whether you’re visiting San Luis Obispo and wine tasting in the Edna Valley, or looking to take a gamble on something new at your local store, there are many ways to enjoy Zocker.

Taste Our Wines In Person

Located in the heart of the Edna Valley, our tasting room is housed in the historic Independence Schoolhouse, built in 1909. Enjoy our intriguing wines in a breathtaking setting with stunning views of our Paragon Vineyard.

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SIP Certified Sustainable

In 2008, our Paragon Vineyard was one of the first vineyards on the Central Coast to become SIP Certified Sustainable, which focuses on environmental preservation, the well-being of employees, and forward-thinking business practices.

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